29 September 2010

Quinoa and vegetables

I'm a new fan of quinoa - it's delicious, and you can add it to practically any meal, and a complete protien to boot.

I've been mixing it with my oatmeal recently, but today I had it with lunch, with grilled vegetables.


1/4 cup quinoa
Vegetable oil
Vegetables: I used scallions, asparagus, zucchini, deseeded tomato, corn cut off the cob leftovers that had been barbequed

Rinse the quinoa and boil it with two parts water until tender. It should be sort of clear. You can add bouillion here for flavor, although I would recommend a tiny corner of a cube, since it's not absorbed as much as it would be with rice, so the taste is stronger. (You can essentially treat quinoa like rice, even to the point where you can supposedly cook it in a rice cooker.)

I carmelized scallions in vegatable, and almost burnt them for the flavor, then added the rest of the vegetables and a pinch of salt, and cooked them until they were grilled and crispy.

Mix it all together and enjoy!

This is a dish you can eat hot or cold - I should have made more to save for later!

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