17 January 2010


I really enjoy cooking. I love getting new recipes from friends and sharing recipes that are delicious. I have been really busy and haven't had much time to cook. Hopefully writing about them will motivate me to make new things. Heather is my former roommate and when we lived together, a lot of cooking happened. I recently visited her and her new roommate Heidi and we did some cooking together and had lots of delicious fun!

I am pescetarian. I mostly cook vegetarian foods, but sometimes I throw some fish in as well. I bake a lot and am just getting into bread (thanks mostly to Heather!). I am also trying to master soups, as that is something I have never really made (except for broth).

When I post recipes, I will cite where I got it from and if I followed it exactly or not. And I will write my opinions on it at the end, whether or not I liked it and what I will do differently next time. Sometimes I will include pictures. I don't know what Heather and Heidi will do, but that's my story!

OK, now I am going to post a recipe! :)

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