01 March 2010


DISCLAIMER: I was taught how to make pupusas by the internet, not by someone who actually knows how, and therefore these pupusas are not like the ones you'd get in a Salvadoran restaurant. But they are still delicious!

Pupusas are corn flour dough filled with tasty filling and then fried. You can't really go wrong with that! Katie and I used to get frozen pupusas from the Asian grocery store, but one day we set off the fire alarm for the whole building while cooking them. For some reason, those sad events made me determined to make my own pupusas. Here's how:

The dough:
To make around a dozen pupusas, start with 2 cups of masa harina (corn flour). Add warm water until you have a moist dough; this should take about the same amount of water as flour. Cover with a damp cloth (this is important!) and let it rest for 20 minutes.

The filling:
Traditionally, pupusa filling is made with pork. But you can use whatever you want! My favorite is equal parts refried beans and shredded cheese. Mexican cheeses taste best, but if your grocery store doesn't carry any, just use mozzarella or another mild cheese. In the past, I have also added Morningstar veggie bacon – cook the bacon until crispy, then crumble it into the bean/cheese mixture. I didn't use it this time because veggie bacon is expensive, but it is really good in pupusas!

To form the pupusas:
Form a small handful of dough into a ball. Use your thumb to shape it into a little bowl. Spoon a small amount of filling into the bowl, then pinch it shut. Carefully flatten the filled ball of dough into a disc, making it as thin as you can without tearing holes in it. Keep your finished pupusas covered with a damp cloth while you work; this dough can dry out really fast.

Cook the pupusas on medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side, or until they get golden brown and crispy. Use lots of oil to make them greasy and delicious!

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  1. Ahahaha... the pupusas on fire! Remember how the firefighters were like, "What were you doing?"

    And were said, "Making pupusas."

    Then we had to have a long awkward explanation of what pupusas are?

    These ones look good!